CFA® Program / Level II Preparation
Our preparation program for Level II is comprised of two program modules: a Prep Module, formed by 18 classes (one for each Study Session of the Official Curriculum) for a total of 45 hours and an Intensive Review Module, taking place during one complete weekend for a total of 18 hours.

Prep Module Dynamics
The Prep Module takes place from March to mid-May spaced in a way designed to complement and match the typical self study schedule of a CFA Candidate®. Each of the 18 sessions of this module is focused on one of the 18 Study Sessions of Level II, following the exact sequence of the CFA® Institute Official Curriculum.

Intensive Review Module Dynamics
The Intensive Review Module was designed to:
a) zoom on the typically key or problematic concepts of each Study Session, and
b) help with problematic or difficult content selected by the candidates themselves.
During this intensive weekend each session will be represented by a first hour of lecture and a second hour for review of content exclusively proposed by candidates according to their needs. This means that there will always be two kind of classes offered at the same time. This will allow each candidate to budget her or his time in the best possible way to focus on particular areas of weakness.

Course Venue
All classes will take place at UdeSA, Sede Capital, 25 de Mayo 586, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Contact & Registration

FIT Institute:
Contact: Laura Aguirre
E-mail: laguirre@fitinstitute.net
Tel.: (5411) 4811-3189

Contact: Vanina Carballo / Martín De Nicola
E-mail: finanzas@udesa.edu.ar
Tel.: (5411) 4312-9499 Int. 33

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Course Schedule
Schedule for the Preparatory Courses for June 2011 exam will be published by January 2011
FIT |Buenos Aires - Argentina
Telephone: +54 11 4811-3189 | info@fitinstitute.net