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CFA® Program / About the CFA® Program
Since 1963, the CFA® Charter represents the Gold Standard of investment credentials. To earn the CFA® charter, you must successfully pass through the CFA® Program, a global graduate level self-study program that combines a broad based curriculum with professional conduct requirements to prepare you for a wide range of investment specialties.

Anchored by a practice-based curriculum, the CFA® Program is based on the knowledge identified by professionals as essential to the investment decision-making process. Its Candidate Body of Knowledge® covers 10 general topic areas ranging from equity and fixed-income analysis to portfolio management to corporate finance.

Levels of the CFA® Program
Divided into three sequential levels, each culminating in an examination, the CFA® Program sets a high standard that only the most committed professionals are able to achieve. The examinations are well known for their rigor, verifying not only your understanding of the curriculum but your ability to synthesize complex investment principles and apply financial instruments in a professional manner.

Exams for all levels are held simultaneously in locations around the world. Level I exams are held each year in June and December. Levels II and III are only held in June.

FIT Institute and the CFA® Program
Historically, only one in five people who registers completes the program. Completion places you in elite company, confirming your mastery of the program's rigorous curriculum, as well as your commitment to rise to the formidable challenge that the CFA® Program represents.

Preparation for the CFA® examinations is a substantial commitment of time and energy, and thus we know that you will want to arrive to exam day in the best possible shape. FIT Institute stands ready to help you achieve this task by offering you, in partnership with Universidad de San Andres (UdeSA), a customized training solution designed to supplement your self-study preparation.

This year, FIT Institute and UdeSA will be providing courses to candidates for Levels I and II, using proprietary class materials based on CFA Institute®'s 2011 Official Curriculum.

CFA Institute® does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by FIT Institute. CFA Institute®, CFA®, Chartered Financial Analyst® and Candidate Body of Knowledge® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute®.

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